PS. These Terraniums were at two of my local Marshalls for $19-29 ( The ones shown are Pottery Barn $129-249 !!!)
I'm spent. See you in a few days. :)

Table Knockoffs

And for the End Tables:

In The News..

  • Local readers, remember, February is the opening month for Z Gallerie in Redmond!
  • H&M lovers, 2012 you'll be able to shop online!
  • You guys need to check out Bordersrewardperks.com...you have to time it, but you can get gift card for 50% off. Big names too ( I got a Target one $100 for $50 ) West Elm, Pottery Barn, Sephora, Macys and so many more.
  • Dont forget about Groupon! Click here! Join,choose your city and save! I got 5 free movie tickets just this month...and rumor has it the Nordstrom deal may return ( $100 for $50 )

JCP Sconces

Alicia, this one's for you.

Arent these sconces so great? And SO affordable at $59! Click Here
 Here's a "real" pic of it via SAS Interiors

Dressers Under $300

I had a few requests for dresser picks...in no particular order..

1. World Market $299

Those are if you want to buy new, otherwise you should know I always recommend craigslist first :)

Search terms similiar to: chest of drawers, drawers, dresser, high boy, low boy, chest, wardrobe, armoire etc

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Congrats Kensie!!! Thank you all for reading and entering, we'll do this more often :)
Kensie, please email me at youpaidmorethanme@gmail.com for your gift card.

Giveaway Time! Time to come out lurkers!

Thank you for following me! In honor of you, my loyal 501 followers, I'm giving you a chance to win a $50 Ebay Gift Card. My love for ebay runs deep, how can you not love it? Anything your heart desires is likely on ebay. 

So it's simple really, here's the rules:
1. Follow me.
2. Tell your friends.
3. Comment on this, tell me what state or country you are from!

I will announce a winner on Saturday the 29th! ( at 3pm pst )
ps. I have a way of knowing if you are a follower, so please keep it honest :)

I'm the proud owner of..

My luck has turned around, overnight

I went to TJ Maxx last night and got a huge Cloche Bell Jar for $18 on clearance( retails at $75 )
The coral is just for now. My favorite moss isnt "in" yet...

AND one of my besties informed me of Macy's Dutch Oven Sale....starts today.
Even better? Here's a 15% off coupon, on top of that ! Click HERE

Here she is. Was $109, Was mine for $42.
PS. Thank you ladies who responded to my inquiry on dutch ovens! You sold me. Pioneer Woman would be proud.

Shopping Fail.

Tip: When shopping at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, snatch up the things you want. DO NOT  put it off and "wait til next time" ( like I've done ) because I guarantee those items will be gone.

I missed out on a huge Le Creuset 3 days ago, $55 for a purty red one on clearance. *smacks forehead*

I also missed out on those $8.99 Bell Cloche's I blogged about. Gone.

Having said that, I'm going back to get one of these HUGE weekender bags. 29 bones.

Dutch Oven Owners, Come In!

Tell me why you own one? Do you use it often? What's your favorite meal for it?

This flower is not dying. Yet. I dunno why it grew this way. The light from the window is to the right, so if it's looking for the sun.... it's wrong. What the crap?

Coral Chandelier Knockoff

This dining room is uber expensive, but I still always come back to it. I'd love to do this in a small dining room sometime.

The Chandelier is money.

Here's one similiar, for near $1000
And here's a simpler knockoff, from Ballard for $299. Not the same, but you get the idea.
Oh, and I found these cute chairs, new from Home Decorators $159 ( the $40 shipping kills it for me though )

Candles Snob, again.

Remember when I said I rarely buy candles, and when I do, it's only from Pier One? ( Oceans scent )

Well, I lied. Kinda. I forgot about my love for Archipelago candles.
I bought my first votives when I moved out of my parents house, and I loved the scents so much I didnt burn the candles all the way, I just go by and sniff them all these years later. ( they dont make that particular scent anymore )
They arent cheap. But man do they do the job. My FAVORITE scent is Mango Tangerine.
Amazon and Nordstrom ( and rack ) sell them, as well as several other sites. They are pricey, I'm warnin ya.

I got the job done.

I was wearing these:
When I should have been wearing these too:
Because I had to load this:
Into my SUV, on a massive incline of a driveway in which I couldnt back into....so I had to load it BY MYSELF, dressed up, in heels, IN THE MUD with gravity fighting me ( it kept wanting to fall back on me )
But it was TEN DOLLARS. So Yes I'd do it again.

I through a sheet on it because this is what's under...

Nordstrom Clearance Pillows

I stopped in at Nordstrom tonight and these pillows were on sale!

Chunky knit pillow  ( was $48 ) is now $31 ( the orange and green 20x20 )

And these orange pillows ( were $38 ) are now $21

Meet the Pink Ladies.

Today I scored big. This week has been good to me. I made an $80 profit off of those other recliners I sold, so I've been looking for the perfect wingbacks. And today, they are mine. These pink ladies were used at a coffee shop, and that shop is now out of business. They dont smell, there's no pet hair or anything weird ( not that it'd matter to me ) I paid $60 for all 3. Tomorrow, I'll buy a wingback settee and maybe just MAYBE those rattan chairs. So with my $80 profit, I'll get 3 chairs, 1 settee, and 2 rattan seats. Boom.

The one in the middle will have a place in my house for sure. I've gotta BIG upholstery job up my sleeve, you wont see it til end of February. She's perrrrfect. I mean ,look at her wings. The other ones will be reupholstered and added to my portfolio, and sold.

Target Blue and White

Target has a great collection right now of White and Blue decor...Here's just a lil bit of it

( i love this rug!)

Yes, another craigslist post.

I love it when people dont know what they're selling. I will own these by the end of the week, if all goes well.

This seller, called this couch " LOVE COUCH $10". That' it. No wingback, No Settee or even Loveseat. Love Couch.

That gem, will look like this when I'm done with her:
Or somethin..

Craigslist Tips

I'm always always on Craigslist. Craigseasy makes my life so much easier these days!
Last October I bought 2 wingback recliners for $30 ( for the set ) and they've been sitting in my shed as I debate whether to keep them. The problem is, I'm not satisfied with the "wings" on them. I need a more profound wing.
Soo I sold them for $110. Yes, an $80 profit.

I always always sell for profit, and you know, it works. It's all about doing this:

1.Use tags ( keywords ) the more the better, overdo it. For instance, My listing included words like: wingback, wing, winged, upholstered, fabric chairs, set, pair, blue, wood legs, armchairs, arm, chairs, old, vintage, antique, recliners.

2. Take GOOD pics. If there are any problems with your furniture, take pics of the problem spots. Do not take pics like this:

Bad Display: frumpy back pillows, ditch the beige pillows....I cant see what the frame looks like, what's with the curtain in the back?

Bad Lighting AND junk: What color is that? Is it wood? Is there glass? I cant see what it is beneath the clutter

Know what it's worth, and what's in style.( research other similiar listings and then put your price ) These people are out of touch with reality. They want $500 for the set.

Ikea Pendant

I'm shopping for a new light fixture for the landing..and wouldnt you know it, Ikea just came out with a smaller version of the hugely popular Maskros pendant lamp. This time, it's only 22" instead of 39", and $45....i'm about to go check it out. The downside is I *believe* it only holds 75 watts, and I need a lot of light. I'm still wishing for a sputnik.


I felt so good today, I swooped into a furniture store, did a lil flirt to the sales guy, he knocked off $300, no sales tax, and free delivery ( wow ) all for my pretty sleeper chair and ottoman.  Such a steal.
Get home, brag to my husband, and he simply says, it's not gonna fit. Say wha?
In all the excitement I somehow forgot that I live in a 100 year old home with an itty bitty skinny stairwell.
I am so friggin sad. Now I have to convince him to return it/refund it. Fail.

Anthropologie Spring Window Displays