Toddler artwork

Wanna see the condition of my house right now? I wont show you the front room  because it's my upholstery room right now, and it looks like a warzone. Meanwhile, my 3 year old got a hold of a sharpie and put her artwork on a few of my windows. Can't help but laugh. Nothin a magic eraser cant handle.

RH knockoff Beach Towels

You may remember this post  from last year about Target's awesome RH knockoff Beach Towels. I patiently waited for them to go on clearance and paid 10 bucks each for them. They retail at $17.99

Well now they're back. A little bit different, and they havent introduced the rest of the line yet. ( sold out online, but they ARE in my local stores )

They're called 

Fieldcrest® Luxury Medallion Beach Towels 


Eye candy comin atcha

I WANT this dresser. And the coral. Ok, and the lamp.
I want to make these chairs...
Oh, and I want this dresser too..
And HELLO statement piece...

Newness Coming

I'll be getting my  big girl camera in the next week, so my photos from home will be so much better...a good photo keeps readers interested...and ya'll are quiet these days! Goodbye point and shoot.

I got a stellar deal on a Nikon D90 and chose to go with the 35mm lens ( thank you ebay and tax return )
Why the 35mm? Simply because Ree Drummond ( Pioneer Woman ) raves about it, and all the shots you see of her food is with a 35mm. Hoping it arrives by the weekend, I have stuff to show ya!

Time to stock up on fabric..

There is a buzz in the air about the fact that we'll be getting sticker shock on gas, basic food products, and fabric ( specifically cotton ) Even while I was at Joanns today, I heard 2 different people say something about it, and sure enough it was on the news today. Joanns is having their presidents day sale this weekend, foams are 50% off ( that's amazing...) special order fabrics are 50% off ( think Kauffman, Robert Allen, Dwell ) as well as 50% off all red tag fabrics ( like $2 a yard...)

here's my lil stock pile

I'm finishing up with my wingback ( i'll have a reveal and announcement in the coming weeks )
And decided I'll likely do this Dwell/Robert Allen Fabric for this settee below( Cameo Ovals )

I also picked up these 3 shadow box picture frames ( 11X14 and about an inch deep) for $5 each!!...likely to showcase fabric or seashells or...

and this really cool wood screen/room divider is about $75 on sale ( down from 199 ) would make a cute headboard, or just paint it for a cool backdrop somewhere in a room.

Sharpies: Endless Possibilies

Have you been over to yet? It's one of those blogs you'll be looking at for hours if you dont be careful. It's a lot of fun, and it gets my creative juices flowing. Here's some examples: ( this is ALL done with sharpies )
above image via rethink design ( all others from sharpie blog )

Through the Country Door Shop

In my search for mudroom stuff, I found this cute site with pretty great prices. "Through the country door"

Arabesque Rugs ( love these, prices are reasonable )
Nailhead Wingback ( only 249! )

Mudroom Ch Ch Ch Changes

2008, I paid $40 for this set on clearance at Ikea:

2011, I sold that set for $100.
I bought this wardrobe on craigslist with that $100, for my mudroom/laundry room. Not too shabby eh?

It's plain jane right now but I needed a clean start. Next on the list for this room:
1. New Paint ( likely a healing aloe or gray wisp possibly with a stencil or ..)
2. Put trim on 
3. Address the large wall ( to the left of the pic ) with either a mantel shelf/coat rack or ?

Behr Brushes 75% off!

I just got this 5 piece set, along with 3 pro brushes for $9!!! Use code BEHR75 on all Home Depot Behr Paint Brushes and Rollers....I would have paid almost $40 for both.
Click HERE to be directed to the selections!

GrassCloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth has been on my mind for sometime now. But I think I'm this much closer to actually buying it and putting it up. Truth is, putting up wallpaper on 9ft walls intimidates the crap out of me. It'll be a project that I call my mom to help me on, no doubt. It'll likely go in our entry room, on one of the largest empty walls I've got.
I'm currently pricing it out...( it's not cheap )

 Here's the inspiration:

Kaufmann Batik Fabric ... cheap!

I just scored 4.5 yards of Kaufmann Batik Blue Fabric for $22. TWENTY TWO! Thank you Ebay! I saved atleast $60 ( it retails at $20+ a yd )

You can see it here at Urban Outfitters on this chair...
And I've been eyeballing it on NBC's "Parenthood" here's a bad screen shot of a roman shade made from it
Not sure if it'll be used on a chair, shade or pillow

Target's Next Collaboration

Calypso St. Barth is Target's next big designer collaboration and will be available this Spring starting May 1st.  The limited edition collection will include clothing and accessories for women and children, plus home goods like candles, pillows and glassware and the best part, the collection will retail from $1.99 to $79.99. I. Cannot. Wait. Blues, Bohemium, Summery, is all me. Must start saving!