Why by that? THIS is free!

Botanicals and vintage prints will always be in. You just cant go wrong. Well, unless you pay $295 for one.

Below is Williams Sonoma Home's Seaweed Prints. $295 EACH PRINT.
Obviously beautiful, but too hard on the wallet.

So instead go to Vintage Printables, Find a print you love, Take it to kinkos and blow it up. It'll cost you a few bucks.

There are thousands and thousands of printables, for FREE.

You get the idea..

Craigslist Pricing Fail.

I would love to know what alternate universe these people live in.

i'm going to do this post more often. there are too many.

Favorites Roundup

Just some things I've bookmarked..

TARGET: Dwell napkins ( set of 4, $9.99...could also make awesome pillow cases )
Calypso Tiered Trays ($12.99..comes in blue too. People are marking them up on ebay in anticipation of Calypso clearancing at Target..we're talkin $40 and up )

Calypso Scarf
Calypso Necklace


Modernist Mugs and Bowls
Jute Chevron Rug ( kinda want this for my kitchen but wish it were more gray )
Porcelain Hurricanes
Woven Seagrass Pendant


Blue Bird Pillow $25
Mini Quilts  $79( makes me wanna learn how to quilt )

Found Pharmacy Bottles ( so pricey but so beautiful $69-149)

Window RePurpose

I had to do somethin with this cute lil square window, salvaged from the playhouse.
So I ran to Home Depot and picked up some awesome hooks where the red paint was showing...
Hung it up, and Voila. It's my calendar/weekly meal planner. Ignore the wobbly lines..I didnt take the time to use a ruler...next month :) I just flipped it over and the other side was a great greenish white color.

Dresser Before/After

My $15 dresser before:


So obviously it doesnt have it's knobs on yet. That's my next shopping task.

Outside Projects

I've been visiting family in Minnesota, and now I'm back with some updates. The weather is finally beautiful and I 've needed it so bad.

Anyways, This is a very old little play house/junk yard that's attached to our shed. The wood is all rotted and we havent touched it since we moved in 3 years ago. (front)

(back and inside 2 rooms  )

Sick, huh? The plan has been to empty the rooms out, level the ground, and I'll show you a drawing of the garden we'll create out of this space in my next post.

But to my huge surprise, my parents worked their butts off while I was out of town and did all the demo for me. I had already taken one load to the dump before, and they did all the hard work. Unreal. They are so cool.

So here it is today. Nice and bare.

Maybe boring to you, but it's been such an eyesore and unused space for too long.

I also came home to happy plants.

Not decor related..

But i bought this book for my mom because it was so quirky
Checkout this artist, who photographs his little people figurines in our big world. ( go here for blog )

Recommend Solar Lights?

Last year I bought some solar lights for the yard from Target. The next day I returned them, they were cheap and let off a dim blueish light.

Can anyone recommend their solar lights? Ones that let off decent light and that are not blue? Thanks!

Chiang Mai Mural

Over at Gorgeous Shiny Things ( click that for more pics ), she's done with an incredibly well done mural of the famous chiang mai fabric  for a client's wall.

Talk about a statement.