Laundry Room Updates

Can you tell I got my camera back? It's been in Africa with my husband, and so obviously I have catching up to do.

My laundry room has been neglected. It's big and boring. The washer and dryer are to the left and to the right, around the corner is an armoire.
Here it is today, with the new additions...
I found those antique fruit crates free on the side of the road, just hung them with a nail. The benches are from the old dining table, and that coat rack was an old $5 ledge that I added hardware to. My favorite is the $24.99 Schoolhouse Light from Lowes. ( Lowes has way better lights than HD in my opinion )

I just snapped these, I still need to "edit" the accessories and fix a few things, but you get my point.

My pretty little free finds

As I've said before, I have a normal person's income. I dream of extravagant things but I rarely ever pay retail and I'm always ALWAYS looking for items to flip for extra cash.

Take this for example.
FREE on the side of the road was this pretty little antique pie/jelly cupboard. She's got the original ( broken ) glass and skinny little shelves inside. I dont have an exact NEED for her right now, but I put it on craigslist just to see who would bite. If I sell her as is, I'll get around $125 for it.

Also FREE, was this Ikea ottoman. Ya it's kind of ugly and wobbly and needed screws, but I quickly fixed that. I'll be working on a slipcover for this in the weeks to come.

My "big girl" table.

I have the same dining table for 5 years. Shes been good to me. This little picnic style rubberwood table has done the job. I bought it, along with the benches, for a grand total of $60 on clearance.

 Alas, I have been dreaming of a Modern Round Pedestal 60"  Table ( without a leaf..) for a while now. I entertain quite a bit, and 4-6 seats isnt cutting it. I need 6-8. It's impossible to find one under $1,000 without the leaf and espresso color. And I'm too frugal to pay that much for a table.
A few of the table's I've been swooning over are like these..
Crate and Barrel's Orion and Pearse Tables ( $900 and $1500 )

Or even this 60" round classic pedestal table for $1200

Well my patience paid off. I found it on craigslist. For $300 ( she couldnt remember if it was a crate and barrel or a west elm ) How did I earn that money? By selling my old table for $125 ( i paid 60 for it WITH the benches ) and $150 for an old Pottery Barn shelving unit ( that I paid $45 for originally ) So it was like swapping out, pretty much. It's kind of my rule, I cannot buy a piece of furniture unless I sell something else first.

I will have to buy 2 more seagrass chairs to fill it out, and probably recenter my chandelier.

It's got a great texture to it and does not have a scratch on it.

Ross Finds

I havent been to Ross at all this summer, so I stopped in today to see how they compare to Marshalls/Tjmaxx these days. There is no comparison, Marshalls still wins not only in quality but selection.

However... I managed to find some Restoration Hardware-esque furniture. A first for Ross. Everything you see below was $49.99

(Wannabe trolley coffee table. Broken Leg, super wobbly, but for $49..)

Free Shipping at Urban Outfitters!

3 days of free shipping at Urban Outfitters til the 25th, hurry!

$79 Chevron/Zig Zag Rug
$39 Side Table

Z Gallerie vs Macys Sofa

While shopping for a client, I found these very similiar sofas. The biggest difference is the legs on the Macy's one, and the price tag.

Z Gallerie $1,099

Macys $599

Winner Winner

Winner is #38, "Jena Fay" who "paid off major debt" this summer! ( good job! )
Congratulations! Email me to claim the $50 Ebay Prize.

Thanks all who commented :)

Be still my little heart. Missoni.

Just last night, I was telling my friend how much I adore Missoni. Adore!!!!!!! I dont own a single piece from the major designer line, but soon will.
Check this out. In the words of Rachel Zoe...I. Die.

Missoni for Target. September 13. 400 pieces.

This blanket will be my first purchase


My laptop is back and I have lots to share with ya'll.
But first, back away from pinterest for 2 seconds, because I have a giveaway for you!

I have a great love for ebay, and have had great luck on there. So this giveaway is for $50 Ebay gift card!
I will draw a winner at random on Saturday the 13th by 6pm pst
All you gotta do to enter is follow me, and post a comment telling me the best thing you've done this summer.