Here's some clever ideas for decorating pumpkins..some of these would look really cool as a tablescape.

1. Pantyhose! Who'd think!

2. Martha Lace Pumpkins. Obviously more intricate..

                                   3. Christmas lights inside ( just drill the holes )
                                     4. Painted Pumpkins
              5. Velvet Pumpkins ( these are the popular thing this year )

                                    6. Glitter Pumpkins ( 2010 most popular )

7. Tack Pumpkins. I wouldnt have the patience for this one..
but this one I could handle..

Or Upholstery Tacks..

8. Twine or Wire Wrapped Pumpkins

9. Bedazzled Pumpkins 
10. Yarn Pumpkins

And a couple tips to help the longevity of your carved pumpkins..

Put one of those bags of silica beads you get when you buy new shoes, or purses or wallets inside the pumpkin. It'll suck up some of the moisture..but PLEASE NOTE: Do not take the gels out of the bag. Keep them in the bag. I have not tried this method yet, but I will.
Here is a link to a cool science experiment in which they tested out 5 methods ( excluding the above ) on how to preserve a carved pumpkin. Go HERE
Ya I deleted that post.

Semi-Homemade Rosemary Olive Oil

Last year, my dear friend Kelly gifted me rosemary olive oil. I thought this was such a great idea, and it was DELICIOUS. Especially months and months after you make it, the leaves start falling off the stems and it's so yum.

I have a massive rosemary bush in my backyard, and I found these awesome $3.99 Bottles from World Market.

Lightly rinse off your rosemary, dab it with a paper towel, and let it air dry, completely. NO wet rosemary.
It's much easier and less messy if you put the stems in before you pour the oil in. I usually clip off the top, as it's more limp, and you want the woodier stalk on the bottom. Make sense?
 And Voila! Of course you can use it right away, but just like wine, it's better with age. It's a healthy, fairly inexpensive gift. There's only 3 months until Christmas....

Emerald Green

Emerald Green would make such a vibrant statement around the house...

Pinterest Fail.

I've been wanting to start a board on pinterest for the things I see that are hideous. Whether it's a fashion decision or home decor fail.  The only reason I havent done it, is then I'd be giving it the credit it doesnt deserve :)
But tonight, I have to share this one. People are actually repinning it.
My eyes are bleeding.

Backyard Progress

This corner of the backyard has a purpose now. Finally. From a rotten old playhouse, to dirt, to now a chicken coop, it's finally pleasant to look at.
There's still just a few minor details to be finished, like accessories and naming these girls. They are 2 year old barred rock hens. I will be doing  a full chicken post next week explaining our adventures in owning "urban" chickens

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June/July 2011

First day of schoolio

Well, the day finally came. My sweet little girl is off to preschool. I am very big on tradition, so this is a start of many years of this.

and her after school special snack...

By the way, it IS true, that if you preheat your oven to 350, put the cupcakes in, lower it to 325 for 25 minutes, they do come out "fuller"...in fact, I couldve filled my liners up a bit more. These are good ol' boxed Cherry Chip Cake Mix, Frosting, Sprinkles, Sour Candy "tape", and a pretzel stick. Cheap and easy and pleasing to the eye.

Target finds

Coming ...Cute vintage looking jars

Going....Ikat plates/bowls are clearance, they are so great.

Custom Inspiration Boards

I've been getting a few more requests for inspiration boards,and I figure I should do a "back to school sale." It's like there was a dry spell over the summer, then BOOM, all your kids went back to school and the help emails rolled in. Here are a few of my most recent boards I did this week for some clients..

Contemporary Living Room in Blues and Greens

For this nursery, my client had me work with a couple pieces she already owned. This was a gender neutral nursery
And this last bathroom is for my own personal file
Contact me if you are interested in having a mood board built for you. I work with existing furniture and  from scratch too.