Craigslist Pricing Fail..and more.

I did this once, and I received several emails requesting I do it again. So, enjoy.

First up..A lighted bookcase headboard. But please note, it does NOT include the mattress. $400.

Lets see, the best place to showcase this linen rose wreath is, aw yes! In some weeds on the ground. Naturally.

"Stunning" entry pieces $1375
This is my favorite. Just put a free sign on it already. Yikes.

Upstairs Updates

I picked up these 2 rusty metal baskets at my favorite antique store for $11 ( for the pair! )

They are now upstairs on the wall, and my daughter immediately put some of her animals in them..she must have been browsing the Pottery Barn Kids catalog..( check these out, crazy huh?? )

I also got tired of not having a light fixture up in the landing, so I took apart the Capiz Shell lamp that's been in my daughters room..

Sorry so dark, it's an issue in this staircase even though there's a window

I simply hung it up using tiny hooks

Fur at Target

While shopping for a client tonight I ran into these awesome Fur Pillows that arrived at Target. $24.99
I'm in love with the gray one...

Little Footstool Makeover

I got this little footstool ottoman for free in the spring. He's been gathering cobwebs and dust in my garage, until yesterday I realized how much I needed him.

So here's the before: (pink, and lopsided foam )

And the AFTER: ( took 30 minutes, the legs were a pain to unscrew )
It aint perfect, but I love 'em.
You may recognize the fabric ( Dwell Bleached Ovals, I have a ton left ) from my makeover of this bad boy...

Lanterns at Marshalls

Wisteria's small short square vase is a whopping $128, but Marshalls has the same short one for $19.99.
I realize lanterns can be found at most stores, but this one is unique because of it's short square shape!
I also saw a couple of these more ornate lanterns (ones below are Pottery Barn ) at Marshalls for $29
If you're out and a bout and stop in to a Marshalls or TJMaxx and spot a knockoff or designer deal, let me know!

Random Stuff

This street couple blocks away from me, these leaves look like watercolors, blending so well, it's so fantastic.

I also did this lil project I saw on a blog once, just bought those old white light globes that you've probably seen at the thrift store ( mine were 99cents each ) threw some old ( half working ) christmas lights in them and voila. A lit path to the chicken coop. ( one strand for all 3, they are the smaller globes ) I'll add some for the other side as well.

West Elm at Marshalls

Thanks reader Shawna for alerting me of this cute lil knockoff deal

West Elm's Mercury Owl ( small $14.99)
My lil guy from Marshalls for $4.99 ( Comes in: Silver, Gold, Frosted White, Light Blue )

My evolution to pinterest

Years ago I started a binder. This binder was filled with magazine pages, articles and fabric swatches. It was organized by room type, and it was when I started to really appreciate home decor. I was dating my husband and still living at home, while dreaming of what my home would look like someday.

Once I was married and bought a laptop, I evolved from magazine clippings to saving photos off magazine websites, online stores, public boards and flickr. I mean, it's what you did, right? ( this is the condensed version)

2011 I was introduced to pinterest. I didnt understand the hype at first, I'll admit. I just didnt get the purpose. But now I do. It's genius, and I'm bugged I didnt come up with it first! I've enjoyed going through my old decor files and pinning them to pinterest. And I'm sure my hard drive is happy now.

Woodsy Baby Shower

When I told my friend Steph ( Mason Jar Photography )that I wanted to do a wood themed baby boy shower for our friend Michelle, I know she probably thought, wha?! But she had faith ( thanks S ) and headed to the woods to find "pretty" logs and stumps.

I did "s'mores on a stick" ( simply marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate, then dipped in crushed graham crackers ) and my lovely husband drilled holes in the log for them. The other holder is just styrofoam covered in burlap.
For the mini caramel apples, I just took a melon baller to apples, patted them dry, dipped them in caramel ( the tubs you find next to the apples in the store ) and dipped them in crushed peanuts. I chose to put them in the baking cups because they DO melt over time.
Moss is from Michaels and Dollar Tree. And yes, half of it is real :)
The favors were done by my friend Steph, she nailed it. S'mores to go.