My girl's room

I finally got around to rearranging my daughter's room. It needed a change.
Here's before:

And today:

I do still plan on using her antique hand mirrors, just havent hung them yet.
The next thing to do is get new curtains. These white things were supposed to be temporary...but here we are a year later. I never even put finials on the rods. How embarrassing.
 I used to want to paint that wood wall. It's grown on me so much, if I did anything to it, I'd stain it darker, but isnt it great?
And her artwork display.. ( FREE frames and $30 Pottery Barn Book rack at a garage sale )

The dining cabinet

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I have lots of Christmas posts coming up this week, but to start them off, thought I'd post my primitive cabinet. I'll be honest, it's still growing on me. I know I wont have it here forever, but it serves the purpose for now.
It actually came with doors on it, and the inside wasnt painted. But the doors make it too heavy looking and dark for the space so I opted to remove them for now. The other option I'm debating is painting it a distressed blue in the spring. But we'll see.

Here she is.

You can see the very bottom of the cabinet still needs to be painted, but I'm also looking at putting either baskets or antique boxes under there.
And yes, those are felt birdies on top. I decorate with birds for Christmas, Pics of my tree to come.

Nontraditional Measuring Cups

After 6.5 years of having the same plastic measuring cups, the handles finally busted off of 2 of my cups. So I've been on the hunt for a new set. There are some pretty fun sets out there, and I thought they'd be a great gift idea as well. Check 'em out...

$24 via Etsy
$12.99 Russian Doll Cups via World Market ( not online )
$24 ( my favorite ) Milk Bottle Cups via Anthro
$24 Sheep Cups via Urban Outfitters
$11 ( clearance ) Fish Cups via Pier One

$28 Flora Measuring Cups via Anthro ( no longer avail. online, however, they are on clearance in stores for $15 i think )


I bought a primitive cupboard. I was too impatient and was having second thoughts anyways for the other piece. So before I post pics, here was some fun inspiration I found...

 oh. my.

Lesson learned.

Well this didnt work out as smoothly as I had intended. I've been so tired of my dining buffet/wine shelves for the  longest time, as they dont serve their purpose so much anymore. I have too many things and not enough space. I knew I'd be able to sell it right away, with them being Pottery Barn and all. ( this is an old pic )
So I promptly listed it on Craigslist and within hours, it was hauled away.
I was nervous and excited to make a change. This wall needs something more substantial anyways.
I jumped in my suv, ready to go get the product I'm ultimately going to get, and called the store just in case.
Alas, they've been out of stock for weeks. With no delivery date in site.


So thanks to my impulsive sale, this wall ( which is a lot bigger than the picture shows ) sits empty..
And my dining table is cluttered with serveware, dishes and glasses. And my kitchen is overflowing. Til who knows when. *le sigh*
So, the lesson here, boys and girls, make sure you either already HAVE the piece of furniture you desire, or atleast make sure it's in stock. I should know better.

Black Kitchen Countertops

I'm wondering if any of my readers have black countertops? If so, what material did you choose and why? I will always love the look of white marble, but I dont think that I'll have that in my current home. The black countertops are so attractive to me and look so sharp with white cabinets. Take a looksy...


What is your favorite kitchen countertop?

*first 3 photos are from BHG*

The story of the "magic eraser"

It's no secret that my 2 favorite cleaning products are bleach, and magic erasers.
Years ago I started using the name brand "Magic Eraser" and paid about $6-7 for a box of four.

Later, I discovered the cheap version at the dollar tree, 2 for $1. I was flyin high.

HERE is a post I did with a quick before/after of my kitchen sink using this and another product
All along, I'm thinking, gosh, what IS this material? This magic material? After some simple google work, I found my answer.

They are made of melamine foam. Same stuff that has been used as insulation in pipes, ductwork, and sound proofing material. Sounds appealing huh.

So no more paying a whole dollar for 2. No no, ladies and gents, I give you $8.90 for 30 melamine foam pads. THIRTY. I go through one to two a week. ( I should probably start cutting them in half to make them go further ) It's via ebay and it's a reputable seller, in the USA. Click HERE to go there.
I may be giving you new information or I may be the last to know this !

If you havent used these yet, here's a convincing list:

1. Outdoor Furniture and Toys
Take grungy white resin or white painted furniture by lightly scrubbing with an eraser cleaning block. The eraser gets into crevices and cracks while leaving paint finishes intact. The same principle applies to outdoor plastic toys.

2. Pool Liners
Pool owners, this will make your life easier: A gentle scrubbing on your liner will get rid of the water mark better than any other product.

3. Vinyl
Take an eraser to scuffs on just about anything made from vinyl: siding, boat seats, shoes, etc.

4. Car Interiors
Clean the car seats with an eraser block: Go lightly on leather, but it's okay on fabric and vinyl, lightly scrub the car steering wheel. Eraser blocks get rid of grease streaks left inside after the car's been to the shop, too.

5. Hubcaps
Clean your car's hubcaps with an eraser for a water-free car wash.

6. Refrigerator
Get rid of last year's drippings that are pooled in the back of the fridge. It'll take a whole eraser block, but it gets the job done. The seals that have gotten a bit black and moldy will also respond well to an eraser.

7. Dishwasher Interior
What are those colors inside your dishwasher from time to time? Lime, mold, ewww. Just take an eraser to them and the stains will banish.

8. Bathtub and Sinks
Getting rid of dirt and water marks is easier (and not so gross) with an eraser block. Bathtubs can take a tough scrub, but go lightly on sinks -- even a light scrub gets rid of that caked on dirt that you often can't see until you try to get it off.

9. Rust Removal
Scrub anywhere (around pipes in kitchen and bath) that you see rust.

10. Computer
A magic eraser gets rid of oil and dirt that has built up on your keyboard and mouse; you can use it on laptops, too.

11. Phones
Use one on your phone's mouthpiece, too -- it gets rid of the same grime that builds up on your computer.

12. Bugs
Wherever there are smooshed bugs (porch pillars, car windshields, interior walls, exterior doors, exterior light fixtures) wipe them away with an eraser block.

13. Glass Stove Tops
No need to have special stove top cleaner on hand, get rid of burned-on food by lightly scrubbing until the gunk is gone.

14. Dishes and Glassware
Rub hard-to-clean build-up off of thrift store dishes and glassware, like Pyrex bowls, following advice from the blog Pyrex Love.

15. Gutters
Get rid of green slime that builds up on gutters with an eraser. It's another ewww-worthy task, but it'll be almost effortless with an eraser.

16. Mirrors (and Windows)
Many fans of eraser blocks swear it gives them a streak-free and clean mirror, if the pad is slightly damp when you give it a light scrub.

17. Floors
Erase scuff marks, old paint drips-great for most floors (but always go lightly, especially on finished wood).

18. Grout
Which leads us to grout. The eraser does well with most grout (except really old and darkened-beyond-help grout that will remain gray even with best scrubbing efforts).

19. Granite countertops
Everyone is afraid to scrub granite, but an eraser pad, used at first gently and then with a little more oomph as the stains disappear, will indeed get stubborn stains out of granite.

20. Leather
You can use and eraser lightly on leather upholstery, purses or shoes to lift up marks -- just be sure to use a gentle touch.

(Disclaimer-never use eraser cleaning blocks to clean skin, animal fur, glossy, brushed, satin or dark painted surfaces-including appliances, and lastly, never use on delicate fabrics.)

Reader Poll

I go back and forth about getting the large Ikea Expedit. Sometimes I see it and think, man that looks cheap. Other times I like it. I realize it IS how you style it etc. I think it's the predictable laquered ikea look that bothers me...but the practicality that attracts me.

Some people really have their acts together and style them really well..check these out
Again, my worry is they are cheap looking. So here's your poll:

<a href="" title="Ikea Expedit">Ikea Expedit</a>

Ikea Chair...maybe?

I saw this Ikea Chair online ( comes in black and a natural color ) and was intrigued.
But not with the price. $119
I'm wired to avoid paying full price for anything and just cant quite shell out $119 for this baby.
It is pretty though! I'd spraypaint it blue.
This is a little less dramatic, but this craigslist one, might be the ticket. $10.


I finally got around to making a facebook page for YouPaidMoreThanMe. I'm still figuring some things out, but in the meantime, click the pic below to "like" my page.

There is also a "like" box on the side panel of the blog :)

Plaid Gifty Ideas

I do love a good plaid. But I'm also picky about them, and you wont  find me posting about how I just bought a plaid couch. Never. I like it seasonally. Lately I've come across quite a few plaids I'm fond of, that would make great gift ideas for Christmas as well!

And the mother of all plaids, Burberry:

I could go on and on...
If you're into the plaid scene, checkout etsy. It'll blow your mind at how many amazing things there are in plaid.