Baby's Here!

Lennon Grey was born 12.13.12 at 8lbs 6oz...and looks very much like her older sister.
We are loving life and are in a state of bliss! 

We are both healthy and happy. 
January 1st I'll get back to the decorating stuff.
Hope ya'll attend or throw some great new years parties!
Next week we meet our daughter Lennon. I've been so busy preparing for her arrival, that blogging has taken the backseat. I WILL be blogging in January about design again, I have plenty to talk about, but right now I'm in baby mode.
When I was pregnant with my now 4.5yr old daughter Brynlee, I took a silhouette Christmas tree pic, and have done it ever since. So here is this year's photo.
You can see the "series" by clicking HERE

Restoration Hardware Knockoff

( This one's for you Bre)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and hope you enjoy it with the ones you love! We had a pre-Thanksgiving with friends ( friendsgiving) and so I thought I'd share my favorite turkey recipe.

I have been using this bringing recipe for a couple of years, and it IS the key to a moist flavorful turkey ( other than putting it in a roasting bag)

  • Brine
  • 1 gallon of water - depending on size of turkey
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 lemons, sliced
  • 4 sprigs rosemary

  • Make sure the sugar/salt is dissolved before you  add it to the water ( You can boil it, but get it back to room temp or colder before adding to your turkey) Brine it in a garbage bag or bucket. Whatever works.I let it brine in the fridge for 12-16 hours

  • After you brine it, rinse it off well, then rub it in a butter/garlic/salt mixture, get it under the skin as well. I then toss in lemon slices, rosemary sprigs and onion. Tie the bag closed, put in a roasting pan or just in a casserole dish.
  • *PREHEAT YOUR OVEN TO 400 DEGREES, ONCE THE TURKEY IS IN, TURN IT DOWN TO 350 for 3 hours* After those 3 hours at 350, baste with the juices, make sure the turkey is atleast 170 degrees. I usually cook it on a lower temp for another 30 minutes or so. It falls off the bone, it's so good.

  • My favorite Leftovers: Turkey Lumpia, Turkey Casserole, Turkey veg soup and turkey monte cristos.

  • Next post will be Christmas decorations! You better believe I'm gettin them done this week, before I go into labor!
    Count your blessings, count them one by one!

    Sewing and other projects...

    I have been living at Joanns and tied to my sewing machine the last few weeks. I've been sewing these bad boys plus 50 some others for the boutique...( and yes out of towners, I'll be taking orders for scarves in the coming weeks, with new patterns )

    I've also been sewing baby bibs, still have to finish....
    These poor silk pillows bit the dust some time ago, after 7 years of loyalty..
    So I finally got around to making 2 new covers for stripes, of course.
    Our giant rosemary bush needs to be hacked back so I'm making rosemary wreaths. ( if anyone knows how long these last before they start falling, let me know )

    All the while, baking this baby...almost done!

    Boutique Sale For Locals!

    One week from now is a fabulous Handmade Boutique Sale that I'm excited to be apart of. This isnt like your grandmas Christmas bazaar! I hope my local readers will come. There will be furniture, handmade baby items, ornaments, infinity scarves, handmade American Girl doll clothes, pillows, tea towels, chalkboards and so much more.
    Here's the facebook link: Delightfully Sweet Handmade Holiday Boutique!

    Rugs: Pay This or Pay That

    I've always got my eye out for good, durable, timeless rugs. I've now learned to go with my gut and not pay attention to trendy rugs, because I end up getting sick of them. If I love a rug and keep finding it during my searches on the internet, it probably means it's meant for me to own it.
    Here are a few I've always admired. High priced and Low priced.






    Overstock's Handwoven Gray Wool Rug 3x5 ( color looks warmer though )

    And a few other random knockoff rugs I've discovered ( that arent on my to buy list, but I always see )



    The picture is deceiving, I wouldnt look twice at the above pic, but this is it in real life:

    Macy's Arabesque Rug 7x9 ( indoor/outdoor rug ) This is a Liora Manne rug, you may recognize her work if you google her. She designed the infamous "le poeme" rug from Ballard that was a hit a few years back. That too has spawned multiple knockoffs.


    Frankly I could do this all night. I love the hunt in finding the knockoff. Hence Youpaidmorethanme.

    Here's a list of where I shop for online rugs for myself, and clients ( stars indicate ones I have personally ordered from for me or a client )

    *Home ( and outlet!)
    *World Market
    Serena and Lily  ($$)
    Dash and Albert ( $$)
    Urban Outfitters
    *Pottery Barn 
    *Crate and Barrel
    *West Elm

    The Nursery

    My budget nursery is nearly complete. I say nearly, because I still have a ceiling light fixture to pick out, and the blackout shades to order, but that'll be done soon. This room is very very small, however it made it more fun to decorate.
    As I posted before, here was the color palette I chose to do:

    And here it is today, in many pictures, since I cant get the room in one shot!

    This moulding piece was at a scrap yard for $10, I added the knobs that I had on hand.

    Crib Bolsters are coming, I chose not to do a skirt or a bumper this time around, just clean and simple.

    Frame to be filled with either a picture of Lennon or lyrics to a Polish Lullaby my family sings

    Here are the details:

    Vintage Silk Drapes via Ebay: 60
    Jenny Lind Crib via Craigslist: 25
    Canvas and Paint by me: 24
    Rod via Ross: 9
    Ikea Ribba Frame in Gray: 19
    Dwell Sheets via Sample Sale: 5
    Nordstrom Chunky Knit Blanket: $35
    Ledge/Moulding Shelf via scrap yard: $10
    Fabric for changing pad cover via Joanns: 5

    I already owned:
    Mirrored Table

    I'm sure I'll add more in the weeks to come, including the bolsters, ceiling light, blackout shades etc.

    New Bed Has Arrived!

    FINALLY. My Skyline Velvet Bed came today. It took awhile to get here, but it was worth the wait. I ordered this from Amazon, even though there was only ONE review for this particular bed, I thought I'd go for it.

    Here's a few daylight pics so you can really see the light gray color. ( I did no color adjusting )

    I appreciate the REAL nailheads, as opposed to plastic rows that some beds have as a shortcut.

    Here's an evening shot. Forgive my lack of variety in the angles, my master is so small!

    I still have work to do in this room. I have to get a nightstand ( sold the others ) and a few other things...including a new down comforter. The necklaces hanging on the wall wont be there it's just a temporary solution. I'll keep updating as I obtain the things I'm searching for :) It takes time.

    So my review for: Skyline Velvet Grey Upholstered Queen Bed

    -It arrived in 2 boxes, and took my husband less than a couple hours to put up. The frame itself is very sturdy, heavy duty metal.
    - There is a slight gap ( 1.5inches?) from the top of my mattress to the bottom of the headboard. This may bother some people but the pillows completely cover the gap. ( as opposed to the headboard going completely to the floor.
    - The velvet is legit. It's very very smooth and soft.
    - Like I mentioned above, I'm thrilled that the nailheads are individual and not on a strip of plastic. It just makes it look that much more expensive. On OTHER Skyline beds though, depending on the fabric, they DO use the strips. So it's just up to you and your style or preference if you want that or not.

    World Market Finds

    Just a few things I'm keeping my eyes on...
    I'm still so in love with this Harper Banquette, $499
    Faux Inlay Nighstand $229
    Arch Mirror
    Embossed Metal Nightstand $229
    Francesca Bath Towels
    Glass Cloches $19-24
    Ainsley Chaise $449

    I also noticed they are selling metal tub chairs for only $109..

    Which are super cheap compared to the designer ones. Here's some in action:

    Updates on life and home.

    This week I am 6 months pregnant! I'm really praying these last 3 months will fly by. I'm overly anxious to meet our girl Lennon Grey.

    And our daughter is back in school ( I'm loving it, so is she )

    And the list of To Do's is getting smaller and smaller. Hoping this list will be complete in the next few weeks.

    And this nursery closet will be done by the weekend, I'll post pics of the after. Isnt it hideous?! It has been storing junk for a few years, never was painted, has ancient water stains, tears in the wall etc.