Emily Clark's Office

Good gracious. Did you all catch Emily Clark's home office makeover? Talk about talented. Those bookcases are incredible!

New finds

I've been needing a runner for our bedroom for sometime now, and thankfully Marshalls pulled through for me yesterday. They have some fantastic rugs there right now ( quite a few are being clearanced, lots of trellis, lots of large florals )
I came home with this guy for $49, not a bad price for wool. I love love this rug. I wish they had several sizes.

You might remember that I had this DIY shade up that I did last year:
However, because of the amount of heat that came through that window ( west side ) It melted the glue, last summer, breaking the plastic mini blinds underneath the delicate linen fabric. It was a major fail. I frantically went to all my other roman shades and put fresh glue on them. I ended up just buying bamboo shades for like $14 at JCP. I'll be adding drapes in the next few weeks.

Moving on.

I have been looking for a couple cheap white soup tureens for bulbs this spring. (centerpiece for the table, and for the kitchen counter )
They arent cheap.
But I got lucky and found this lil guy for $3 on clearance at a thrift store. Score!
What am I growing you might ask?
The green onions that you buy at your grocery store. Just submerge the roots in water after you chop them, and they'll grow 1/2 inch a day. The growth you see above? That's about a week's growth.


YOU are good enough. Don't let things like pinterest or design/makeup/lifestyle whatever blogs make you discontent. It's easy to compare, to become envious of others, but we need to stop. We should be more uplifting and more supportive to eachother.  I found myself being bothered by people commenting on facebook photos, saying "oh I just saw this on pinterest!" and I am often discouraged that a lot of people assume every idea comes from there. I heard a friend say, oh did you see so and so's new home photos on her blog? It's perfect! And my friend felt so lousy and belittled, like she can't live up. How many of us do this? I guarantee that most of those gorgeous homes you see on pinterest are set up for magazine shoots, and that is it. They dont look like that everyday.
Do the best YOU can. If YOU are happy in your space, then that's all that matters. I compare myself constantly, I pick my house apart all the time. ( my poor house! ) But truth is, when I step away from  pinterest, when I stop checking my favorite blogs and stop paying attention so much to others, I realize I am indeed, content.
It goes back to the old question...If you had enough, could you recognize it?
I'm going to strive to be a better blogger. I was distracted for a bit, worrying too much about what ya'll think, but I promise to keep blogging like the real 27 yr old wife and mom that I am. I make mistakes all the time with decor decisions or diy fails. I will be sure to post more of those, so we can all have a good laugh. I have tried to write this out so many times to make it flow and sound professional or whatever, but this is just me talking to you.

New items

Here's a couple new little additions to my home. I went to ZGallerie for the second time in my life ( we finally got one an hour away from me ) and I got this cute canister on clearance for $10 ( the lid had broke so they clearanced the base. And my favorite number is 3.) Here's the link for them online..

And this lil glass soap dispenser from Target ( here's the link  ) for $12.99

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Color blocking

I love fashion. And I really love that color blocking is the trend for spring/summer 2012. I thought it would be fun to translate color blocking from fashion, to interior design. I love this so much, that I'm going to start a series a couple times a month, translating fashion ( an outfit, or accessories..) to the home ( in a room, a product...)
I went overboard with this one, because I love it so much. Enjoy!

Just a quick note, Crate and Barrel is a great source for bright solids for the home, and Forever 21 is really pushing color blocking in their stores right now.

Open Closets

I have a room upstairs that does not have a closet. And of course, it's the largest room in the house. Right now I have a mirrored armoire and hooks on the wall, and a dresser. But I think this summer I will tackle this issue. I've been loving the idea of an open closet. It's cheap, it's organized and it's easy to do without hiring someone to actually build out a closet. Here's my inpiration...

Just say no to silk plants.

Bed Bath and Beyond, good for misc kitchen items, towels and my Wamsutta sheets...but I smacked my forehead when I saw this...

Silk.Hanging.Plants. $39 to $49. Noooooooooo