Thrifty Finds and Updates

I'm fortunate enough to live in a great antique district, and some good thrift stores that I frequently shop at. Here are some items I've recently picked up, on the cheap.

$3 Candle Jar Lantern Thingy. ( had Pottery Barn sticker on it for $15.99) it's hung in between windows in the guest room
$4 Basket. It's nice and big. Right now, it's replacing an ugly plastic laundry basket, but it may hold a potted tree this summer.

This is a favorite, I was so stoked. See these brass pendant lamps?

                                                                      (sources: here and here )

Well here's mine.

I paid $10. Yes ten. I contacted the manufacturer, it retails at $599. ( my mind is blown)
It's nice and big, and will eventually go in my stairwell.

Moving onto my laundry room. I took a 25 cent tension rod and hung this fabric in front of our fug laundry sink..

Voila! It just sits in between the washer and dryer and hides all the ugliness underneath. I had that fabric laying around and seemed like a good fit there. Another option I debated was using an old sheet ( just make a cut at the top of the sheet and slide the rod in where the fold is )
And lastly, the evolution of my dining room.

I've gone from this buffet set up...

To this: ( I needed more storage, thought this would solve the issue....sorry for the christmas pic!)

To now this.
The other antique cupboard just wasnt cuttin it for me. I needed the tabletop and more storage. Luckily I found this beaut on Craigslist for $200. ( and I of course did the research, and this is a $1800 buffet )
It came complete with a key, which I promptly tied around this lamp so my curious 4 year old wouldnt get a hold of it.
I havent decided if I'm going to put shelves above it, right now I'm just enjoying it as is. I had that old chalkboard ( found in a dumpster..) up for a party and ended up leaving it there.

More Jeff Lewis, please.

Who else is watching Jeff's new show " Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis" ?? ( Bravo, Wednesdays 9/8c )

 If you know me, you know my love for Jeff. I really like the idea of the show, him and Jenni move in with the client, figure out the issues, and fix them ( or attempt to ) in 5 days. I love it.
Check out this crazy beautiful bathroom he designed. Hand cut marble tiles in a zig zag pattern, gray trim and marble tile floors.


Lanterns up!

In my house, I have many lanterns. I'm pretty obsessed with them. But none of them are hung, so that's what I did today. I am slowly turning over my winter decor to spring decor, bringing out the moss and bird nests. The moss is dollar tree and the plant hooks are $2 from lowes.

LOTS of new stuff coming, so stay tuned, as they say.

Loveseats and Settees for under $500

Here are some of my that I have a round dining table, I find myself wanting my rectangle one back so that I can have one of these beauties cozy up to it!

World Market Settee $449 ( It's SO nice in person and comes in gray too)

Home Decorators sofa $479! Comes in gray too, and in a small "studio" size

Pier One Settee $379 ( I know this is meant for outdoors, but I think it'd look awesome inside to bring in the texture )

Home Decorators Settee $479

New Ikea 2012

Here are some sneak peaks of the new 2012 Ikea catalog, looks promising! Coming in April...