Bathroom Update

My master bath is smaller than yours. ( In fact, I challenge you to send me pics of your tiny bathroom ) I got tired of stuffing towels under the sink, because, as you can see there is no room....

And this little cabinet only holds so many towels....

So my solution was to put a small shelf right above the doorway. It's shallow enough not to notice when you walk in, yet deep enough  to hold plenty if I need it. And, it'll likely hold my more worn towels that arent so pretty to look at. I suppose I need to toss some out and replace some of them. Who wants to buy towels?!


  1. What a great idea! I love the grey paint in your bathroom - any chance you could share what paint color it is?

  2. thank ya! it's blue/gray..."healing aloe" i believe

  3. Good thinking!
    I would not of thought of that!


  4. i love the wood trim around and above your door. im a sucker for beautiful white trim.