My Restoration Hardware Mirror Knockoff

These nautical mirrors have been in my sight for quite some time, but I refused to pay more than $50.  I felt like Goldilocks. First there was RH. For $519. No way. Too crazy expensive.

Then there was Overstock for $80. Not bad, but I still didnt want to pay $80. I was holding out.

Finally. My patience paid off. Real Deals moved into my neighborhood ( literally, I can walk there )
and in the corner, tucked behind a bench, was this beauty. It was JUST RIGHT. For $37.99
I'm thrilled. I'll post pics soon of where she goes.

* I will note, Target also carries one, however, it's plastic and only 15" so I wasnt stoked on it for $29*

That ugly little backyard corner..

I was going through my phone pics and realized that I never posted these before/after pics of my backyard corner. We did this in the early spring and what a difference it's made. It is where the hose gets tossed when we're done using it, right off the back stairs.
We just leveled out the area and laid down these super heavy pavers ( look on craigslist for free or cheap pavers! ) Our sweet neighbor gave these to us. The big blue pot will become a fountain.

Much better huh?

Metallic Sharpie Project

Who does not love Sharpies? They make me happy. And I've been wanting to do this lil project with my gold metallic one for a while now. It was an easy thing to do while the girls napped and while I watched "The Chew" at noon.

Yes it was time consuming. I also had Metallic Gold Paint on hand and sprayed the inside. You should know it dried almost instantly, so make sure you tape off your bowl well ( I covered in foil )

It'd be cute to do this on a hobnail cake plate or even hobnail lamp!

( I should also note, those of you who asked about the rug below, the gray on the right is Safavieh Wyndham Natural Rug and it's the one i'm choosing, thanks! )

Round 2. Which Rug?

I'm still debating the other rugs from the post below, however, these two above are bigger and cheaper. The blue rug is slightly cheaper than the gray on the right. And I have to emphasize that the one on the right has a GRAY background, not so much beige.

VOTE on these rugs!

I love them both. This is where you come in. Vote for your favorite rug to go in my guest room.
Ready Go.
( 1. Jaipur Brio Rug 2. Safavieh Wyndham Rug)

Heads up! Paint sale!

Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off paint sale July 19-22! Perfect timing, as I'm getting ready to paint 2 rooms. Have them colormatch your favorite paint color, or just go with one of their great colors, like these favorites of mine:

Urbane Bronze

Sea Salt

Top Sail

Have fun!

Two new small additions ( Tjmaxx and Target )

I found this roped lantern on clearance for $10 at TJMaxx, it's official, I hoard lanterns.

 And I snagged this bad boy for 17 bucks at Target. I've wanted it since it arrived back in March, and I patiently waited til it clearanced. You should know that on every 2 weeks, a clearance is marked down usually on Tuesday's for home decor ( my Target usually does Monday/Tuesday) so if it's marked one price on clearance, it MAY be wrong. This was marked $41, but I knew it had to be less, because it's been on sale for a month and I was right.
Also if you're looking for a CLEAN great scented candle, I highly highly recommend this one from Target ( it's in the first pic above as well )

Sea Life in my home

I have an oar hanging in my living room. I have nautical stripes EVERYWHERE. Real Coral and shells are scattered about, year round. Not just in summer. I'm obsessed and it's truly ME. We spent some time at the beach this week and it was food to my soul. Here's some little vignettes around my house..

My daughter calls anchors hookers.
So naturally, she says my mom loves hookers.

Hope ya'll are enjoying your summer. I'll be taking on more clients starting JULY 22nd