Cute lil TJMaxx Lamp

I switched out the big gold lamp that was in the nursery for another project I'm working on, and this lil white lamp on clearance $39. I've been really impressed at their lamp selection lately.

Ikea 2014

Ikea's 2014 Catalog is out. I'll admit, I'm a bit disappointed! It lacks unique pieces in my opinion, and they are doing a lot of repeats. Wah Wah. Another thing? Their prices have creeped up. Settle down Ikea. Settle down.
I did manage to find a few things that I would buy or use in a clients home, but again, you'll notice familiarity in some of those pieces.

Wardrobe $249 ( decent price )

They also have a new bold green sofa, but with a price tag of $999. Not sure who would pay for a $999 sofa from Ikea...and another wingback for $499. Wowza.

What do you think?

Current Favorite Rugs

I'm a sucker for rugs. It's the first thing I pick out for a clients room. It's soooo important to anchor the room, make a space feel more finished and to bring warmth in. I LOVE picking them out.
So here are a few current faves:

I'll note, that this is the closest to chevron as I'll go. I dont decorate with chevron, it was a trend 2 years ago and I wish it'd go away!

Design Services

I hope to have a few client rooms to show you, it's been so fun working with women from different areas, with different tastes, different ages, and different needs. 

If you have a problem spot in your house, or don't know what paint color to go with, or you are just STUCK, I can pull you out of your rut. It's fun and easy!

DIY Curtain Panel ( West Elm look alike)

I have an oddly large laundry/utility/mud room, whatever you call it. And behind this curtain is the water heater and a shelf full of shoes and rain boots. It aint pretty. So a few years ago I bought a Pottery Barn Tablecloth on clearance and hung it. It's one of those spaces that I hate, but I didnt realize it until I found the RIGHT fabric.

Here's the before

I had been contemplating these West Elm panels, but they were $64 for one panel. That's not in my price range, especially for a laundry room curtain to hide my crap.

So I was stoked to find these fabric from, for only $7.98 a yard!!!

And I love because you can always find a coupon code, I had one for 20% off and free shipping. So cheap!

This panel was easy to sew, all I did was fold over and sew a pocket. If you can sew a straight line, you can do this too.

Then I just slid a tension rod through the pocket and stuck it up towards the ceiling! Easy.

This literally took 5 minutes to do. I'm obsessed with this fabric now. It'd look so pretty in a nursery or as regular curtains

The Chalkboard Paint Rant.

Unless you live under a rock, you must have noticed by now that chalkboards are hot. HOT. They have been for the last couple of years. Cool. I like it. I have one. Found on the side of the road.
Go me.

But then Chalkboard paint gained popularity and things got all sorts of crazy.

I'll surely get stoned for this post. 

I cant tell you how many times I hear people talking about turning something into a friggin chalkboard. 

Once upon a time I remember people spraypainting furniture black to "fix" it. Nowadays, the solution for most, seems to be chalkboard paint. Oh ya, you should TOTALLY chalkboard the ish out of that.

OH yes! Lets paint our children's dresser with chalkboard paint, and nicely write on each drawer so it's all organized. As if it'll look like that in 2 days. It'll be a nice smeared mess all over your kids clothes and the dresser. 

Oh you sure did seize the day when you decided to cover that poor jar with chalkboard paint.

Laura is so lucky, SHE gets a personalized wine glass dipped in chalkboard paint.

This one drives me nuts. Thanks to pinterest, someone thought it was a great idea to paint paper with it, for cupcake toppers? Guess what. The kids dont give a crap. These people have A LOT of time on their hands.

 This one kind of horrified me.

We've seen pumpkins glittered upon, thanks to Martha, but this, THIS crossed the line for me.

Put down. The Chalkboard. Paint. 
Give it a rest for a bit.


Furniture Sale

Well after all that searching for rugs, I LOVE this one. However, I realized I'm going a different direction with this space.
If you're local and interested in buying this brand new safavieh rug, 5x8, contact me. Selling for only $220. It's muted grays and beiges and 100% wool.

Also selling this antique tall boy dresser. She has sea green knobs from Anthropologie. Serious local inquiries only. Contact me