Easy Porcelain Renewal

I posted about this a couple years ago, but wanted to emphasize how handy this is!
If you have a porcelain kitchen sink, which, most of us do....You likely have this problem often. Gross scratched up, dinged up, dirty looking sink. Even though it's "clean," it's been beat up.
 Gunk and dents build up and makes it look so old.

But this is my solution. It's favorite. I use it for the bathtub too..

Barkeepers Friend Liquid rubbed into the porcelain with a magic eraser ( Buy them from the dollar tree! 2 pack for a buck )

And voila. It's new again. Buffs and cleans!

The Look For Less

It's been a long time since I've done one of these and so here we go! Who would pay $10,000 ( it's actually a few hundy higher with shipping ) for a dining room? Well Neiman Marcus would of course. It's a beautiful room, no doubt! The mixed seating is really what defines this room and the fun lanterns are very complimentary and versatile.

But it's 10 grand.

Here's my lil version, for under $1500

Ikea will provide the Byholma wicker seats, as well as the Hendriksdal parsons chairs.
Christopher Knight Bench is Overstock
Arcadia Trestle Style Table is World Market ( on sale now )
Julie Hawkins Canvas Art is Overstock
and the Antique Copper Lanterns are Overstock!
The accessories on the table are just as easy to find. ( Target/TJMaxx/Marshalls for the try and pitchers )

Not too shabby eh? It can be done!

Target does it again!

The newest Crate and Barrel knockoff comes from Target, of course! They continue to step up their game. Below is the $599 ( WOAH ) beautiful Crate and Barrel Bar Cart.

Target's version ( not exact but for the price, who cares. )

And dont forget to think outside the box on this guy. It's not just for booze. You could put a number of serving items/dishes on it, as well as using it for a nightstand or side table, like below:

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