10 Neutral Furniture Picks!

Neutral is in. ( when was it out? ) Navy/Indigo Blue is also in. ( again, this is my entire home, I cant help myself ) Remember, neutral does NOT just mean beige. It's soft, natural colors.

Safavieh is my #1 search on Overstock when shopping for clients and myself. It's a well known brand and can be found on other websites, but Overstock has always been the cheapest, from what I've researched. Their pieces are legit, and there are thousands of products.

Here are just a few of my favorite living room pieces, all affordable and chic.

1. Console $208 ( this could double as a nightstand )
7. Grey Sideboard $236 ( I'd use this as a nightstand too )

Say NO to Chevron

It's done. It's been out for a couple of years. Just say NO to Chevron. You won't see it on my blog, you wont get it from me when I help you with your decorating. Don't do it!

Instead, if you're drawn to geometrics, stick to stripes, as they are classic. Other geometrics, like trellis, moroccan tile and greek key tile are popular too, but dont go changing out all of your pillows and drapes for these, as they are just a trend. If you simply must have one of those, then do just that, ONE and mix with solids/textures. But for heaven's sake, just say no to Chevron.

*steps off soapbox*

Scenes From Downstairs

Here are some favorite vignettes around my downstairs, taken on my phone..I should probably get goin on that Valentine's decor eh?

 What you dont see, which I may make another post, is the empty baby bottle on the floor, the mail scattered on the table, toys scattered about, the tufts of cat fur floating around and the crumbs on the carpet from my 1yr old, who is waking up so I must go!

Radiant Orchid: For Home and Style!

Radiant Orchid was named Pantone's color of the year. It's a beautiful vibrant purple that screams springtime and summer. However, it's a tough color to bring into the home. It's great in magazines, and can be fun in girl's rooms, but you wont find me running to the paint store and painting a wall
with this shade. Bursts of this fun color, can be awesome though. Check out the inspiration:

Here are a few home accents that caught my eye, and don't cost an arm and a leg!

For this post, I collaborated with Colleen, the fiery redhead from LetsTalkAboutLipstick.Blogspot.com.
 Colleen is a beauty extraordinaire, and just happens to be a dear friend of mine. She's incredibly talented, has worked in the beauty industry for years and she knows her stuff. Not to mention she's a hot momma and she's very real, you'll feel it when you read her blog.
Here are Colleen's picks for beauty and style, using Radiant Orchid!

Head over to her site for more info on the products above, and to see her beauty tips and much more! http://letstalkaboutlipstick.blogspot.com/

One Kings Lane and me!

One Kings Lane ( HERE ) contacted me and asked me to do a post about the favorite chair in my home. They've been reaching out to bloggers like me, because they have a cool new resources on their site that goes into depth about the history of chairs, styles and also a guide to show you how to choose the right one for your space.
My cat destroyed my favorite Pottery Barn Seagrass Dining Chairs, therefore, they are no longer favorite. But that's another post.

My new favorites are my World Market Armless Chairs. I never did think I'd ever buy armless for my living room. They are usually uncomfortable, and not wide enough to cross your legs. I was singing the Hallelujah chorus when I sat in these babies. I'm tall, and can easily cross my legs comfortably AND the fabric is so soft. Sold. And in my favorite navy blue. They are contemporary and chic enough, but the legs are more ornate, giving them a little more character.

Lucky for you, they are on sale for only $139 ( I paid $279...wah wah )
I've had them for a few months now, and they've REALLY held up, and taken a fairly good beating from my one and six year olds. We've spilled on them, and they've cleaned up nicely.


It's a new year! I'll resume decor blogging shortly, but first...Go Hawks.

I'm a girly girl through and through but I love me some football. We can taste the Superbowl!