Baby Clothes Memory Quilt #2

Three years ago, I had my first quilt made by Barbara Malm ( on Etsy )...the whole story about it can be found here. I had been through hell again, with infertility, praying for a second child. I was holding on to clothes in hopes I'd maybe someday reuse them again. I came to grips and found peace after a LONG time, that I would have one child, and I was thankful. So I shipped the clothes off to Barb. The quilt is one of my most prized possessions, as I'm incredibly nostalgic. It brought me great joy.

Little did I know, that just a couple of months later, I'd get pregnant with my second girl. Unreal. But God's timing is as always, impeccable. My girls are almost exactly 5 years apart and I wouldnt have it any other way.

Lennon Grey is now almost 15 months and I just received her wonderful quilt in the mail. I turn into a giant puddle the minute I open the box.

I chose memorable pieces that I have on camera or just remember due to a milestone. I also put in there burp cloths and her original polka dot crib sheet. I absolutely love it, Barb. Prepare for more traffic coming your way now. ( again )

New Rug from Overstock!

Tax Return time has come, which means I get a small allowance to do some updates around the house.
One of these was a rug for the kitchen. We have original floors in this 103 yr old house, and they are very very soft, and get damaged easily. I chose a rug that I've loved for a long time but just put off buying. It finally went on sale on and I went for it. It's called the Nourison Caspian Blue Rug, it's available on several sites, but Overstock was the best. I paid under $70 for it, which is nothing compared to the one I was loving at Pottery Barn.

Next big project is to paint the green built in cabinets in the kitchen, an off white of sorts. It'll take awhile 
( I hate painting...)

My Newest Target Threshold Addition

I've kept my eyes firmly fixed on this beauty. She finally went on sale, plus I had an online coupon plus my 5% off using my red card. Yay. Target is now offering the option of instore pickup, so I gladly used that option. I was using a console table for my nightstand, but I realized how much I needed drawers next to the bed. 

I love that the top three drawers are individual, like a true apothecary drawer, and the others below are one long drawer. Comes in handy.

West Elm Knockoffs. Find them at Target!

Surprised? Don't be. Target just continues to raise the bar with their product lines. Threshold especially. I am a West Elm fan, but everything I own from them is an accessory that was on sale, because their furniture is usually overpriced for my budget. So I was thrilled when I started to recognize West Elm styles at Target, for much, MUCH cheaper. Here are just one example of what I mean:

Not bad eh? West Elm is THREE TIMES more than Target.
I do believe I'm purchasing that coffee table. I'm in lurve.

Here are the Target links:


Now, if all Target's would just get their act together and be on the same clearance schedule. Some gal posted on instagram that she bought the Table for 20% off. Another got the famous Threshold barcart for $38 on clearance! ( Ours is still full price )