Steph's Top Favorites From Around The Yard!

The older I get, the more I love my yard and actually enjoy landscaping. I've become my mother. I have a variety of plants, trees and flowers around my yard that I adore, and thought I'd share my favorites. These are the guys I always fall back on and have yet to let me down.

Steph's Yard Faves

Other greats are, Autumn Sedum, Rosemary, Various Grasses and Wisteria ( which is a beast! )
What are your faves?

E-Design and Current Design Boards

I've been having fun meeting new people from all over the US of A. I love seeing all the different styles of homes you live in, what tastes you have and what your desires are for your homes! I love the challenge of getting into your brains and pulling out your visions and achieving them with you.

This client, from Pennsylvania, has an office that has been neglected. It's for her husband, so she wanted it to be masculine but "not too heavy with leathers and black."
She wanted a complete overhaul so none of her existing furniture stayed, per her request. She did have a fiddle leaf tree, which, she amazingly has kept alive for years. ( I cant keep one alive for a month )

My client, Maureen, just moved into a new home and needed to fill her guestroom. She has a large family that visits often, and lucky for her she has a beautiful large room with 2 large windows. She'll be able to fit these beautiful beds and gorgeous rug in there nicely. She has very traditional taste and wanted it to feel "clean and airy." Would you believe that wonderful dresser is at Target?

Sometimes people are just looking for new ideas for small spaces, such as entryways. This young bachelorette has a narrow entryway with no windows, but with some tall board and batten and a bold mirror and stand out runner, the space wont seem as small. I loved this one!

I'm currently accepting clients for May/June E-Design. Contact me for more info! I work with many different budgets, so don't you worry about that part!

No-Sew DIY Reupholstery Project

Angela over at The  Coupon Project featured me on her amazing site today. A girl after my own heart, she's got some insanely great posts about deals and coupons to be had. Not only that, but recipes and some great DIY projects. She has quite the following, you should join!

Click on the pic to get linked to the ottoman project that cost under $20!

Ikea Outdoor Furniture Rave

I've been in the market for an outdoor dining set for some time but just couldnt bare shelling out $800+ for some of the sets I was loving. The West Elm version I wanted was $1499!! Forget it. I live in the Pacific Northwest, We wont use the set year round, it'll go in the shed when the winter comes back around.
So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I spotted the Falster set online, at Ikea. I went there the same day because it just so happened to be on a big sale, and snatched it up. I paid a few bucks over 500 for the whole set. ( 4 chairs, bench and table AND the massive umbrella and stand )

Not too bad huh!
Blogging and finishing up client work outside is pretty refreshing..

Enjoy your week ya'll!

New at Target: Wallpaper and Paint?

Well I guess it was bound to happen. They have everything else...

Target now carries peel and stick wallpaper ( Covers 24 Square Feet ) as well as paint. I havent used it, but I'll probably try one of these little $4.99 testers since I have no idea about the quality. I cringe slightly, because its from Valspar, and Valspar quality is crap to me. Crap. However, a couple of the 12 colors are quite lovely and possibly worth a shot for a small space. The price isnt too cheap for the size of the 2.5 liter can.

Comment below if you use either of these products!