Target Summer Clearance. Run!

I got the thrill of going to Target tonight, without my kids. *singing the Hallelujah Chorus*
I took my sweet time. I went down every. stinking. aisle. Ok, except the kids clothes because I'm forcing myself to stop spending on kids clothes this month. I digress. 

My Target is famous for mispricing things to my benefit. The sign will say 30% but the items will be 50-70% off. So people may glance down the aisle and see 30, and keep on walkin, but I know better, and you should too! Stop and look at the magical red clearance sticker, dont depend on the signs.

At my Targets, they are clearancing their nautical line, so all the roped lanterns, faux sea life, nautical mirrors and baskets are 70% off. ( everything is still full price online ) Here's the proof

The white is fun, but you could also just spraypaint them whatever color. Gold? ( that big one is only $11)

I had my eye on this giant tray for awhile, but wasnt about to pay $34.99. It was marked down to $10, so I grabbed it. I thought I could hang it on the wall somewhere if I got sick of it on the table.

And here it is in play

Not too shabby eh? Better than paying $69 for the Pottery Barn Beachcomber basket!

Other clearance included ALL of the Threshold Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor upholstery and Planters.

E-Design Openings and a perk for booking!

I have a few spots open for July E-Design! Are you ready to refresh that bedroom of yours? How about that naked hallway? Or do you have a room that needs a new furniture arrangement? I'd love to help you feel good about your home. Click on design services on the above tabs and take the quiz! It's easy and painless. Take advantage of this offer!

ps. Thanks for the emails // Facebook love for my last post! I enjoyed reading your support and laughs

I feel I need to apologize // Lets get real.

I did a post like this a couple of years ago, and cannot find it!
Lets get real here folks. I'm a mom of 2 little ones, with a lot goin on usually, and my house, is far from tidy 7 days a week. Far. From. It. Us bloggers are guilty of staging the room, making sure the lighting is fair, the floors are vaccuumed/dusted, sometimes fresh flowers are even in a shot and everything is in it's place.

I want to apologize for misleading you. My home is not pristine on a daily basis. Oh no.

So welcome to my reality. Left is what I've blogged...Right is, well, real life.

This one is my favorite. ( left is an old pic ) but literally, MOST of the time, my clean laundry has piled up. On top of the dryer is usually randoms. Toys. Sunscreen. A random chicken feed!

Scarf on the lamp. Rug pushed aside, slippers out, cords not taped properly ( gasp! )And I make my bed, at best, twice a week. True story.

I'm a mom. I'm busy. I don't have the ability to join people in "one room challenges" because I dont have endless funds to drop on any one room at any moment. And quite frankly if I did, I'd be going on vacations a lot more.
To my credit, my house is clean. It's not tidy 100% of the the time, but it's clean. 

There is always a space in my house that I want to bomb. I'm ever changing it seems :)

Pinterest has ruined it for us, in many ways. ( dont get me wrong, it's a great resource, and I use it ) It's got us aiming for perfection, and guess what? We will never get there. Even if you did, I promise, it will not fulfill you. You should know that by now. Someone is always going to have a brand new kitchen. Someone is always going to spend that $3,000 Restoration Hardware Chandelier. There are plenty of "one uppers" out there to make you feel lesser than you are.

I try to be as real as I can and will continue to strive to be relatable! So just remember when you see me ( or most bloggers ) posting a pristine picture, they had to work to get it to look magazine worthy, I guarantee it aint like that on the regular. If you find yourself struggling because you feel your house isnt magazine worthy or whatever, remember, I feel ya. And know I'm likely scrubbing my blankety blank microfiber sofas from a milk spill or mopping the mudroom floor because someone tracked in chicken shit.

Thank you to the sweet recent emails and feedback on my lil blog, I appreciate my readers and love hearing of your finds and just encouraging compliments!

Fun Fashion Knockoff! Michael Kors vs Target

I was overdue for a new pair of black wedges, and I had pinned these awesome Michael Kors, and thought who am I kidding? I'm too cheap to buy a pair of $99 wedges. Especially since they are really for the summer season. So I kinda just shrugged my shoulders and popped over to To my pleasant surprise, Merona had a version of MK's. I thought, why not blog about it. I love me some good fashion finds, and so do you.

They arrived today and I'm thrilled with the quality! I couldnt decide if I wanted the black or the nude, but ended up with this guy. Dont forget to use your Target Red Card for the free ship and extra 5%. As if I have to remind you.

Follow the arrow trend >>> Steph's Favorites

Move over anchors. Arrows are hot right now. Katniss lovers rejoice. I personally am loving this trend ( as I did with the anchors ) and love to see it in kids rooms and in accessories. I'm not about to paint a wall full of arrows or get a tattoo, but I'll enjoy it in small ways instead. It'll be out before we know it, so lets enjoy it while it's here! From tea towels, to drawer pulls, to marquee signs, Here are a few of my favorites.