The Importance of the Rug. Do's and Dont's!

I had three people in one week, come to me with Rug conundrums, and therefore, I'm blogging about it! Buying a rug is not only a big decision, it's usually a big commitment. It's the first thing I choose when designing a room, as it is the thing that anchors the room. It's not a decision to make quickly or half heartedly, especially when it's a large area rug.

Lets get to it.

Problem: " I have a rug that I'm in love with, but it's too small for the space "

Solution: If it is a rug that you have your heart set on for that space ( and no where else in your home) then lets make it work, by layering.  Try buying a larger sisal rug ( preferably ) and layer with your favorite rug.

If your furniture is not sitting on your rug, then your rug is too small. This is a common mistake people make, and it shrinks the size of your room! Most are intimidated by buying large rugs, due to the prices, but there are some great resources for large rugs. You can also use the solution above for this problem, and buy a cheaper sisal rug and layer with a rug with color and pattern to top.

So this:

Not this:

Furthermore, I cant stress the importance of a rug. It anchors the room! I know you've heard that before, but do you really know? Do you? Look at the following real estate photos, that obviously need rugs. Obviously. ( ouch )

 Dont get me started on this room. Honestly, it'd be better off naked. This space needs 2 rugs to separate the dining and the living room. And those tables? Not sure whats going on there.

Clearly, needs anchor.


I need to stop, I'm getting a headache looking at these. I need to start my staging services for clueless realtors. Oye.

Favorite Inexpensive Rug Resources:


Nate Berkus Fabric put to use! DIY Pillow with Zipper

I like to switch up my pillows yearly, and knew that it was time when I laid eyes on Nate Berkus' fabric line. However, this time I wanted to do a zipper closure for the first time, since I wanted to be able to wash these guys.

I was intimidated. My mom is a sewing wizard, so I had her teach me this method the other week, and it's much more painless than it seamed! (see what I did there..)

The Fabric was on sale for 60% off at the time, and I just got one yard.

I have a slight obsession with fabric, but a straight up addiction to navy patterns.

Anyways. I'm happy with how they turned out, very simple and quick project for a rainy afternoon!

There are a couple different ways to install a zipper ( either sewing one side of the zipper at a time like I did, or sewing one side of the fabric together leaving a seem for you to lay the entire zipper down and sew ) 

THIS tutorial is closest to what I did ( picture above shows I sewed one side of the zipper at a time )
and THIS youtube video is very helpful too.

You asked about it, here's your answer.

I can't count how many emails I get asking where I got my "tv console." I bought this years ago from, it was, at the time, a knockoff of a $1300 Crate and Barrel buffet, and I bought this guy for $350 I believe.

They discontinued it for quite some time, but it is back now. (currently out of stock, but sign up for their " alert me " email to let you know when they stock back up )
It's renamed the Hartford Buffet, the price is now $429 but keep your eyes out for coupons, they always have big coupons for big buys. You can find it HERE

 'scuse the old pic

The quality is GREAT. It's held up wonderfully. I will say, to this day, it's been the hardest piece of furniture to assemble. Holy crap. Take a Xanax or a handful of tylenol prior to opening the box.

So there ya go. Buffet finally identified, once and for all :) Thanks for the emails ya'll!

Bring your kitchen sink, Back to life!

Lets be real honest for a second. If you have a porcelain kitchen sink, the sight on the left is probably familiar to you.

I let my sink go for 2 months and this is what it looks like when I dont do the method I'm about to tell you about. I've blogged about it in the past, but wanted to bring it back to life because I do this trick with ALL of my porcelain.

It looks horribly scratched, veiny and dirty. It's actually not dirty dirty, it had a soap bath prior to this picture, but that doesnt matter. Just trying to make myself feel better about exposing my dirty laundry.

Moving on.

Below is the lovely marriage of Bark Keepers Friend ( liquid version ) and a generic magic eraser.
The Eraser on it's own does it fantastic job....but to take it to the next level, use this product.
I always cut my erasers in half, because, well, I hoard them ( enter Smiegel saying " my precious " )
and it doesnt need a whole pad.

Get your sink wet and squirt some of the BarKeepers Friend on the porcelain and start cleaning
it with the eraser. You'll discover that it doesnt take hardly any elbow grease, and in the blink of an eye you are done.

The pics below are unedited. 

No longer rough. No more veins. Can I apply this to the back of my thighs?  

Take this method to your bathtub. It'll change your life. You dont have to use the BarKeepers Friend so much in the tub ( unless you do have scratches ) but the grime that the eraser itself picks up from the inner sides of the tub is enough to make a grown man cry. 

Another tip?

Do not. I repeat. Do NOT. Waste your money on the name brand, Magic Eraser. They are like $4-6 for TWO depending on the kind.
All these years I've been buying mine from the Dollar Tree. Two for $1. However, My local store just stopped doing the two pack, and is now only selling one. Dumb.

So. I hopped on Amazon, and bought 50 pieces of melamine sponge for $3.80. You read right.
The catch? It does come from China, and takes about 4 weeks. Big Woop. You can get 100 for $6.00.  They may not be as thick as name brand, in which I'd probably use the whole sponge on the sink. Again, Big Woop.