The DIY Bathroom Makeover-One Year Later

Just over a year ago, we executed this lil bathroom makeover on a shoestring budget, and completely DIY. You can read about it HERE. Countertops made of doors? Poppycock. Well, it happened. 

And here it is today ( like literally, just now. Ran upstairs to take a pic, clearly not caring that I should probably put  "cuter" towels out to stage and should've cleaned that spot on the floor....#reallife )

I havent changed the mirror like I thought I would, it was put on the backburner.
The wood and sealant I put on it has been awesome. It has completely held up, even when I had my doubts. There is constantly water on it, afterall, it's the kid's bathroom, and no change.

See? Even that shine is still there. So, bravo to Waterlox. I'll recommend you, always.

Evolution of a little girl's room - on a budget!

It's been awhile. Good heavens it's been awhile. I've missed us. I put decorating on the side lines for awhile but I am back. I dont remember the last time I read a design blog. Maybe a year? I have a few posts in mind, so excuse me while I update you on what's happened and what's to come!

This post is about my 7 year old's room. I like change. I grew up liking change, as my mom would re-arrange rooms and switch things up often. My own bedroom changed multiple times throughout the years, to grow with me. Makes me think of the year that everything had to be sunflowers. *rolls eyes* oh the 90's.

Fast forward to 2015, I now have an evolving little person, like myself, who likes bits of newness. Here's a quick look at her evolution so far.

This was her starter room. Antique Bed with Target bedding ( the knockoff West Elm ) that I dont recommend. It's horrible quality. Antique Mirrors hung and DIY board and batten.

A new paint job and rearrangement of furniture

A score on craigslist made us owners of an Ikea Loft Bed for $75. I moved her play kitchen/doll stuff into her room, making it that much more cute! I came to my senses and torched the Martha Stewart pom poms.

Summer 2015, as she requested to "give" her baby stuff to her little sister, and that she needed a "study space" ( remember, she's 7...) in it's place. I laughed and cried.

The rug was on mega sale at RugsUSA ( it's my go to for rugs ) for like $70? The white parsons desk is Amazon, The fur chair was a $5 ugly office chair, recovered with $8 fur from Joanns, and the accessories you see are from Home Goods. ( both prints under $14 each) Her striped sheets were Marshalls for $14.99. A big change on a dime. She freaked out when she saw it and does indeed use it to "study" ( insert eye roll)