The DIY Bathroom Makeover-One Year Later

Just over a year ago, we executed this lil bathroom makeover on a shoestring budget, and completely DIY. You can read about it HERE. Countertops made of doors? Poppycock. Well, it happened. 

And here it is today ( like literally, just now. Ran upstairs to take a pic, clearly not caring that I should probably put  "cuter" towels out to stage and should've cleaned that spot on the floor....#reallife )

I havent changed the mirror like I thought I would, it was put on the backburner.
The wood and sealant I put on it has been awesome. It has completely held up, even when I had my doubts. There is constantly water on it, afterall, it's the kid's bathroom, and no change.

See? Even that shine is still there. So, bravo to Waterlox. I'll recommend you, always.


  1. Wow! Such a lovely bathroom! I would be over the moon is it was mine! Well done! Love your little princess bedroom also! You are sooo talented!!!

  2. I love this! I wished you had time to blog more often. I really enjoy your posts, and you have great taste. More realistic and attainable than many bloggers out there.

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